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14.04.2002, 20:55
vom 22.-24. März war eine CACIB in Katowice (PL)
würde also passen .... sachdienliche Hinweise bitte an unten angegebene email-adresse.


Hello All.
I understand this may not be the best place to post my message, but NGR is the only foreign RR Net Community I'm associated with. If anybody could forward this message to RR-folk or any other similar group, please do so, I'll be grateful.

There was a rhodesian ridgeback found on March 28th near Warsaw. The dog is about 3 years old, was running without a collar, eagerly jumped into the car. He's medium-sized, red-wheaten, with small white markings on the front left and hind left paws, has a small star on his chest. He's missing P1 on the right side. His ridge is perfect.
The tatoo constists of 5 digits, the first and second may be C,G,O or zero, next are 145.
The dog is in very good condition, friendly and trustful.
This dog has not been tatooed nor bred in Poland, Czechia nor Slovakia. We cannot find anybody within a country looking for him and I've done my best in this matter.
I've also sent messages to Estonian, Latvian and Russian Kennel Unions - no answer yet. It becomes more possible that a dog could have been lost in a different country, perhaps stolen. Maybe he's become a victim of some strange chain of circumstances and the owners don't even have a clue he's here...
If you kindly could help me with finding a possible country or even a city
of tatooing, please email me privately gabi@acn.waw.pl. We'll try to find
his breeder. I welcome any suggestion you may have.
Best regards,