Recently "Fox" became the latest victim of the political violence sweeping the country. Only 3 months old, this small brindle bitch was brutally stoned by a mob of political youths. Her owner who lived in Unit K, Seke rushed his puppy to the SPCA Mobile Clinic that was in the area at the time.

The staff of the Mobile Clinic realizing how serious Fox's injuries were, contacted the staff of Seke Road Kennels and a vehicle was sent to collect the pup and bring it straight back to the SPCA. But little 'Fox' was already dying, her spine had been badly smashed by the rocks and stones thrown at her. Shortly after admission 'Fox' died.

Zimbabwe National SPCA once again deplores the killing of an innocent animal in the name of politics. Meryl Harrison, Chief Inspector and National Coordinator of ZNSPCA said "It is not important to us which political party these youths belong to, what is important is that they are brought to book for the brutality and cruelty of their actions."